Black Shag Rugs

Craig Knight
15 min readMay 18, 2024


Looking for a stylish and eye-catching addition to your living room or bedroom? Look no further than the Black Shag Rug. This versatile piece comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, making it perfect for any space. In our roundup article, we delve into the world of black shag rugs, exploring their unique designs and features, while highlighting the best options on the market. Get ready to transform your home with this captivating and innovative floor covering.

The Top 12 Best Black Shag Rugs

  1. Luxurious Black Shag Rug with 42mm Pile Height — Embellish your space with the Safavieh HLS214Z Hi-Lo Shag Black rug, featuring a luxurious 42mm pile height, an eye-catching contemporary design, and a plush, comfortable feel underfoot.
  2. 28" x 5" Black Heather Indoor Shag Rug — Boston Collection — Experience contemporary elegance with this 2' x 4' Black Heather Indoor Shag Rug, featuring advanced polyester material and eye-catching design, suitable for any interior.
  3. Luxurious Black Shag Rug — Rectangle, 3' x 5' — Indulge in comfort with the Onslow Black Shag Rug — a soft, luxurious, and eco-friendly choice, perfect for adding a touch of warmth to your space.
  4. Black Fluffy Shag Area Rug for Living Room and Bedroom — Experience ultimate comfort and warmth with the fluffy, non-slip RUGTUDER Black Shag Rug, designed to transform any living space while offering easy maintenance and durability.
  5. Hauteloom Allon Black Shag Rug for Living and Bedroom — Experience the ultimate comfort and modern style with the Hauteloom Allon Solid Black Shag Rug, featuring a 9'2" x 12' design for both living room and bedroom use.
  6. Latepis Luxury Black Shag Rug for Living Room and Bedroom — Latepis Shag Rug offers a luxurious, washable faux sheepskin experience in fluffy 8x10 rectangles, available in various black shades perfect for the living room, bedroom, dorm, or luxury suite.
  7. Modern Shag & Flokati Power Loomed Black & Taupe Area Rug (6.5' x 6.5') — Add depth and sophistication to your home with the Safavieh Calico 116Z Shag & Flokati Power Loomed Round Area Rug, featuring a black and taupe color palette and a sleek geometric design.
  8. Safavieh Jericho Black & Rust Shag & Flokati Power Loomed Round Rug — Bring comfort and style to your room with the Safavieh JER110Z Jericho Shag Black & Rust rug, featuring a rich earthy palette and luxurious plush shag pile design for a timeless, boho-inspired look.
  9. Hauteloom 5'3" x 7' Black Washable Shag Rug — Luxurious Lounge Area Cover — Transform your living space with the 100% Machine-Washable Hauteloom Faina Black Shag Rug, ideal for comfort and effortless cleaning.
  10. The Ultra Soft and Comfy 650GSM Ultra-Plush Black Shag Area Rug — Experience ultimate comfort with CAROMIO’s Black Shag Rug, featuring ultra-soft 4cm high velvet pile, anti-slip grips, and safe, environmentally friendly materials for a cozy bedroom or living space.
  11. Super Soft Shaggy Black Rug for Bedroom Living Room — Experience ultimate comfort and style with Espiraio’s Black Shaggy Rugs, featuring super soft faux fur, anti-slip technology, and easy cleaning for a versatile and cozy addition to your home.
  12. Jet Black Shag Runner Rug for a Bold & Cozy Hallway — Get ready to make a statement with the über cozy Jet Black Solid Shag Rug from, perfect for hallways and entryways.

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Luxurious Black Shag Rug with 42mm Pile Height


Welcome to the Safavieh Hi-Lo Shag Rug Collection, featuring the stunning HLS214Z in black. This rug boasts a unique, contemporary design that blends seamlessly with luxurious textures. Its high pile height of 42mm offers not only a stunning visual but also a soft, comfortable feel underfoot. The fibers used are a blend of 80% polyester and 20% polypropylene, ensuring the rug maintains its beauty for years to come.

Constructed with a cotton backing, the rug offers a strong, durable foundation that supports both its weight of 8 pounds and its overall dimensions of 2 feet 2 inches by 8 feet. Although it may not be suitable for machine washing, its high-quality materials provide easy cleaning without any loss of quality. However, please be aware that it does not come with a non-slip feature, so it is essential to place it on a non-slip surface.

28" x 5" Black Heather Indoor Shag Rug — Boston Collection


Transform your home floors into a fashion statement with this chic black heather indoor shag rug by Boston Collection. This stunning rug, though smaller in size (measuring 0.5"H x 27"W x 45"D), packs a big punch with its captivating design and contemporary style. Crafted from high-quality polyester, it combines durability and style, making it an essential addition to any space. Its hand-woven nature adds a touch of elegance, while its cotton backing provides extra cushioning underfoot.

Its vibrant black heather color truly stands out, adding an element of surprise and excitement to your living space. The rug requires regular vacuuming and occasional professional cleaning to maintain its pristine condition. With dimensions of 2'3" x 3'9", this eye-catching piece will easily blend in with most interiors, offering versatility and functionality.

In summary, if you’re yearning for a sophisticated and practical rug to elevate the charm of your living areas, this black heather indoor shag rug is a perfect choice.

Luxurious Black Shag Rug — Rectangle, 3' x 5'


Experience the soft and luxurious touch of our Black Shag Rug, crafted with faux rabbit fur for a truly authentic feel. The low sleek pile ensures maximum comfort underfoot, while the non-slip backing keeps it in place.

Perfect for snuggling on the floor or adding a cozy touch to your living space, this faux fur rug is a stylish and comfortable addition to any home. Despite the occasional shedding, users enjoy its versatility and machine-washable convenience. With a variety of colors and sizes available, find the perfect fit for your space and style.

Black Fluffy Shag Area Rug for Living Room and Bedroom


I recently picked up this RUGTUDER Black Shag Rug as a cozy addition to my bedroom, and let me tell you, it exceeded my expectations. The softness of the rug is unmatched, with a 1.5-inch velvety-soft top that warms your feet and protects the cold floor beneath it. Its non-slip bottom also ensures that it stays firmly in place, giving me peace of mind during those colder months.

One of my favorite aspects of this rug is its versatility. It’s great for both decoration and function, allowing me to create a cozy nook in my bedroom and add warmth to the space. Even better, it comes in a large size, making it perfect for living rooms, nurseries, or even dorms.

However, I must mention that the rug requires some TLC for proper maintenance. A low-power vacuum cleaner or a gentle wash with mild detergent is recommended, followed by air drying. I’ve noticed that my rug has become more durable as a result, so it’s worth the extra effort.

Overall, I’m thrilled with this RUGTUDER Black Shag Rug. It’s a warm, cozy addition to my bedroom that has quickly become a favorite spot to curl up and relax. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fluffy, non-slip rug to add comfort and style to their living space.

Hauteloom Allon Black Shag Rug for Living and Bedroom


Experience the ultimate coziness with the Hauteloom Allon Solid Black Shag Rug, a stunning addition to your living space. This contemporary rug, crafted with 100% Polyester, offers a plush pile of 1.97 inches that will keep you comfortable underfoot.

Measuring at 9'2" x 12', this rug is perfect for a living room or bedroom, and its black shag texture adds a modern touch to any decor. The Dark Purple color not only complements various home styles but also exudes elegance and sophistication. Fast shipping, good prices, and outstanding customer satisfaction make this rug a must-have for your home.

Latepis Luxury Black Shag Rug for Living Room and Bedroom


These stunning Latepis Shag Rugs will transform your living spaces into cozy havens. Available in various sizes and a range of stylish, solid print colors, there’s a perfect match for every room. Made with high-quality faux fur and wool blend, they’re both luxurious and easy to care for.

Simply toss them in the dryer for a fluffy wash and they’re ready to impress. Additionally, they’re machine washable, ensuring they maintain their look for years to come. Perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, dorms, or luxury rooms, these Latepis Shag Rugs are the perfect addition to your decor.

Modern Shag & Flokati Power Loomed Black & Taupe Area Rug (6.5' x 6.5')


This stylish 6.7 ft. x 6.7 ft.

Calico Shag Rug from the Safavieh collection is a sophisticated choice for your home. Power loomed with polyester fibers and backed with polypropylene, it offers a contemporary and elegant base for any room.

While its sleek design adds depth and movement, it also has a subdued color palette to provide a modern foundation. Although it’s not washable, this shag style rug is easy to maintain. With a pile height of 40mm and an origin in Turkey, it is sure to elevate your home’s style with its unique blend of shag and flokati patterns.

Safavieh Jericho Black & Rust Shag & Flokati Power Loomed Round Rug


Recently, I had the pleasure of incorporating the Safavieh Jericho 110Z Shag & Flokati rug into my living area. The first thing that caught my eye was the unique blend of the rich earthy colors and the geometric patterns, reminiscent of nomadic craft designs. It brought a cozy, bohemian touch to my space, which I absolutely loved.

The pile height of this rug is 30mm, which makes it luxuriously plush underfoot. The softness of the shag pile was a standout feature for me, providing exceptional comfort and warmth during those chilly evenings. I also appreciated that the rug was power loomed for lasting charm and durability.

However, there were some downsides to this rug as well. The jute backing that was used creates a slightly rough texture, which is not ideal for the barefoot. Additionally, the rug is not machine washable, which might be a concern for individuals with children or pets. Lastly, the rug doesn’t have a non-slip backing, so it can slip on smooth surfaces.

Overall, the Safavieh Jericho 110Z Shag & Flokati rug brought a unique and stylish vibe to my living area, with its rich earthy tones and luxuriously soft shag pile. Despite its minor drawbacks, it’s a rug I would recommend to anyone looking to add a boho charm to their space.

Hauteloom 5'3" x 7' Black Washable Shag Rug — Luxurious Lounge Area Cover


As a homeowner, I’ve struggled to find a comfortable and durable area rug for my living room. That all changed when I discovered the Hauteloom Faina Solid Black Shag Rug. This 5'3" x 7' rectangle rug is beautifully crafted with a 100% Polyester plush pile, providing both comfort and style. The black washable rug is perfect for high-traffic areas of my home, and its machine-washable feature is a game-changer for keeping it clean and fresh.

While the size of the rug was a great fit for my living room, the pile height of 1.77 inches made it a bit difficult to maneuver around furniture without it getting caught. However, the soft, fluffy feel and luxurious plush pile made it all worth it. It’s now become a go-to spot for my dogs to nap on during the day. Overall, the Hauteloom Faina rug has been a great addition to my home and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a washable, comfortable, and stylish area rug.

The Ultra Soft and Comfy 650GSM Ultra-Plush Black Shag Area Rug


This CAROMIO Shag Fluffy Area Rug offers a luxurious feel, perfect for traditional and contemporary home styles. The high-density shag carpet surface and 1.57-inch pile height guarantee a soft and cozy experience underfoot.

The rich colors and various room applications make it ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, nurseries, and more. Its anti-slip bottom also ensures a safe and comfortable environment for younger children to play. Made from safe polyester materials, this rug is not only eco-friendly but also resistant to stains and odors.

However, it may require some extra care when cleaning and may not be ideal for vacuuming.

Super Soft Shaggy Black Rug for Bedroom Living Room


I recently had the opportunity to use the Espiraio Black Shaggy Rug in my living room, and I must say, it made a significant difference in the room’s overall look and feel. The softness of this rug is truly unparalleled, and it instantly makes any space feel inviting and cozy. Although it may be a bit pricey, the quality of the materials used is evident, and I appreciate that it’s made with high-quality, plastic silicone points to ensure maximum friction and an anti-slip feature, making it ideal for children and pets.

However, I did encounter a challenge in cleaning the rug. It’s not as simple to maintain as I initially thought, and I had to be cautious when using a vacuum cleaner to avoid damaging it. Additionally, I found the seam on one side of the rug showing, which may indicate a potential issue with the construction.

In conclusion, while the Espiraio Black Shaggy Rug is an excellent addition to any living space, it may require some extra care when it comes to cleaning. Overall, I’m quite satisfied with my purchase and the warmth it brings to my home.

Jet Black Shag Runner Rug for a Bold & Cozy Hallway


Introducing the über cozy Solid Shag Collection Rug from Rugs. com, perfect for creating a bold statement in your hallway or entryway. Available in 22 vibrant colors and boasting a 1 1/2-inch pile, these rugs are not just a fashionable throwback to the ’70s, but a comfortable addition to any contemporary space. Shag rugs have made a triumphant return, and with their soft, textured feel, they’re sure to bring comfort and sophistication to your home.

Buyer’s Guide

If you’re looking to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home, a black shag rug could be the perfect addition. Not only do these rugs provide warmth and comfort, but they also exude a sense of luxury. However, before making a purchase, there are several factors to consider. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll discuss the key features, considerations, and advice for buying a black shag rug.

Important Features to Consider

  1. Size: Measure the area where you plan to place the rug to ensure you choose the right size. Consider the size of your furniture and how much space you want to cover. Some options come in standard sizes, while others can be custom-made to fit your specific needs. 2. Material: Black shag rugs are typically made from nylon, wool, or synthetic fibers. Nylon is durable and easy to clean, while wool provides excellent insulation and a soft, plush feel. Synthetic fibers can be an affordable alternative but may not have the same level of quality as natural materials.

Considerations and General Advice

  1. Maintenance: Black shag rugs can be high-maintenance due to their long, shaggy pile. Regular vacuuming and professional cleaning may be required to prevent shedding and maintain the rug’s appearance. Be sure to check the care instructions before making a purchase, and consider your ability to maintain the rug effectively.

Shopping Tips

  1. Check the warranty: A good warranty can provide peace of mind when investing in a high-end rug. Look for brands that offer a comprehensive warranty, including coverage for defects or wear and tear over time. 2. Read reviews: Online reviews from other customers can provide valuable insights into the quality, performance, and durability of a black shag rug. Be sure to read several reviews before making a decision.

Additional Factors to Consider

  1. Style: Black shag rugs come in various styles, from modern geometric patterns to traditional Persian designs. Consider the existing decor of your home and choose a rug that complements your style preferences. 2. Price: Black shag rugs can be quite expensive, so set a budget before shopping. Consider shopping for sales or discounts to find the best deal without compromising on quality.


What is a black shag rug, and how can it transform my home’s interior?

A black shag rug is a style of area rug that boasts a lush, fuzzy texture and a deep, black hue. It has the power to elevate your living space’s overall aesthetic by introducing depth, warmth, and a hint of sophistication. Its shaggy texture ensures it’s comfortable to walk on, making it ideal for sitting areas. On the other hand, its dark color creates a modern, chic vibe. Furthermore, black shag rugs are adaptable and can match a variety of décor styles, enabling you to create a unique ambiance using complementary accessories, furniture, and wall art.

These rugs are user-friendly and can handle high traffic areas without missing a beat. Their dark color, however, may show dirt more readily, so ensuring regular upkeep is crucial to maintain their pristine appearance. Black shag rugs are also easy to clean, which adds to their appeal.

How can I choose the perfect black shag rug for my home?

When selecting a black shag rug, start by considering the size and shape of your room. A smaller option can work wonders in a bedroom or living room, while a larger one is suitable for a family room or open-concept floor plan. Take note of the rug’s pile height, as it affects its softness and resilience. A higher pile height results in a softer rug, but it may demand more care.

Additionally, assess the rug’s materials. Black shag rugs can be crafted from natural fibers such as wool, synthetic fibers like polyester, or a combination of both. Wool rugs are sturdy and provide excellent insulation but may be pricier. Synthetic fibers, on the other hand, are more budget-friendly and easier to maintain but may not last as long as wool rugs. Be sure to read the care instructions before purchasing a rug to ensure it suits your maintenance needs.

How do I clean and maintain my black shag rug?

Keeping your black shag rug looking its best involves regular vacuuming to remove dirt and dust. If pet hair or lint is an issue, use a lint roller or tape to remove it. For spills or stains, dab the area with a clean, damp cloth, avoiding the urge to rub, as it may damage the rug’s fibers. For more tenacious stains, deploy a mild cleaning solution specifically designed for area rugs, following the manufacturer’s guidelines.

If your black shag rug requires a deep clean, consider engaging the services of a professional rug cleaner. Steer clear of harsh chemicals or high heat, as they can damage the rug’s fibers and color. Also, rotate the rug regularly to prevent uneven wear and tear, extending its lifespan.

What are some design tips for incorporating a black shag rug into my home?

When adding a black shag rug to your home, consider pairing it with neutral colors such as white, gray, and beige. This combination allows the rug to take center stage while providing a cohesive look. You can also incorporate accent colors like navy, burgundy, or green to enhance the rug’s overall influence.

Another design suggestion is to layer the rug with other textiles like a patterned throw or a faux fur blanket. This technique adds dimension and creates a warm, inviting environment. Additionally, the black shag rug can serve as a foundation for a bohemian or eclectic theme by incorporating vibrant throws, pillows, and wall hangings. The possibilities are endless, so feel free to experiment with different styles and combinations.

Are there affordable options for black shag rugs?

Absolutely, there are budget-friendly choices for black shag rugs. Numerous retailers offer more affordable, synthetic options crafted from materials such as polypropylene or nylon. These rugs are typically less expensive than wool or wool-blend rugs, but they may not be as durable or plush. To find affordable black shag rugs, shop at discount stores, online retailers, or outlet malls.

Additionally, consider shopping during sales events or holiday seasons when retailers may offer discounts on area rugs. You can also check out online auction sites like eBay or Amazon Marketplace for gently used, budget-friendly black shag rugs.

What are some alternatives to a black shag rug?

If a black shag rug isn’t the ideal choice for your home, several alternatives exist. Some options include: a neutral-colored area rug like beige, gray, or white; a patterned rug, such as geometric or floral designs; a natural fiber rug, like sisal, jute, or seagrass; or a hand-knotted rug, which offers a luxurious appearance and feel. These alternatives can offer a similar aesthetic and functionality while showcasing different textures and patterns.

When selecting an alternative to a black shag rug, consider your room’s size, shape, and color scheme. Also, factor in the rug’s durability and maintenance requirements, as well as your personal style preferences. Exploring various options ensures you find the perfect rug that complements your home’s interior.

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